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Got a great video with awesome content that no one’s viewing? Have you heard from a dozen so-called experts that YouTube Views is on of the best options to build your Brand Presence in the Market. Well, this time they are correct. YouTube today is the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web. According to Alexa and SimilarWeb, Youtube is the third most visited website in the World.

The Cyberactives Online Promotions Team has complied a list of essential factors which are required to optimise videos on Youtube for good ranking and high traffic. This is in immediate impact to the rate of growth of Search Videos on the Internet. Statistics show that Video views are growing at 70% per annum throughout the world, and in countries like India and China the rate of growth is a staggering 131%. The popularity and reach of YouTube today has also expanded by its inclusion in both Google Web and Video search.

Now there is no official Algorithm released by YouTube to officially document the various Factors which provides the information that how to rank video on youtube. Following are some of the factors which will also coincide with building up a Presence of your Brand on the Video Search Platform:

1. Duration and Quality of the Video
This is an important factor for determining quality content. One does not necessarily need to upload a 15 minute video to ranked higher on Youtube. The video duration can be a 4-5 Minute video , but the average watch duration for the video needs to be on the higher side. This can be achieved through quality content and High Definition Options of the Video be readily available.

2. Branding, Channel Name and Vanity URL
The above three factors are the most important factors for dealing with your Brand Presence on the world wide web. The Channel Name and Vanity URL must showcase the Brand Name and Logo on the Video itself for it to be effective.
Example of a vanity URL:
Following are the Requirements for Obtaining a Vanity URL :
a. 30 Days or more should be the age of the Channel
b. 500+ Subscribers to the Channel
c. Uploaded Channel Art should be Present

3. Designated Views
This is perhaps the most important factor which will define the Rankings of your Videos on the Search Engine. If no one is watching your Videos, well you get the Idea , Right !!!. Following are some of the tips one can follow to increase their Channel and Video Views:
a. Sharing on Social Media
b. Promotion of videos at the end of other existing videos
c. Email the video on your Subscribers List
d. Run Ads and annotations on your video

4. Optimized Meta Data
Ranging from Video Description, Video Titles and Tags which are utilized from the Settings Feature of the YouTube Channel Feed. The Primary keywords should be placed at the forefront of the video. Apart from this the Description part below the video plays an important role and should fit in their Social Media Links ad Company Name

5. Likes, Comments, Shares
Like all social media and other web Platforms the concept of High Engagement Rate bodes well for your YouTube Channel. The concept is the same as any other Social Media Platform wherein the higher the number of Likes , Comments or Shares higher will be the Ranking.

6. Annotations and other Key Metrics Optimization
The images utilized should of high quality ranging from 16:9 Aspect Ratio as well as 640×360 pixels to avoid pixelate for the same purpose. So make sure to make the compiled images vibrant and eye-pleasing. Visually Attractive Imagery will help produce higher engagement on Videos.

7. Inserting Closed Captions
Videos containing spoken audio Imagery can also have an attached feature of inserting closed captions into the Videos. Let us reveal something which will brighten your day, well if you are a SEO Expert- Captions are Crawlable. Yes you are hearing that correctly. By enabling the closed captions feature, you will increase the video’s rankability on Youtube.

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