Digital Marketing – Need of the hour

  • September 5, 2014
  • SEO

Is your Business going down?

Or you want to boost your sales?

Or want to meet unlimited audience who can be your prospects?  

If your answer is “YES” then “Digital Marketing” is the solution of all your queries!

Digital marketing is the promotion or advertisement of products and services through internet. It is different from traditional marketing as it involves the use of different methods and channels, which can enable you to analyze marketing campaigns and latest trends for the benefit of the organization. With the help of digital marketing one can advertise their product and services in free on  yellow pages OT promotional websites like, Quicker or OLX to generate the more leads on local and national platform.

Digital marketing is leveraging all possible channels for creativity and innovation by integrating marketing campaigns on different channels, and it also provides you an edge against your competitor. Professionals, organizations and individuals are experimenting with digital marketing principals and techniques as; in the area of digital marketing there is so much to learn and share. It is not one particular set of module or program, to satisfy the requirement of organizations, all digital marketers should move from one point to another by integrating all media campaign with the web. Digital marketing is still in the experimental stage by organizations, professionals and individuals to get the best ROI from business.

E-commerce merchants are the best example for implementing  digital marketing strategies, as it is using the social media platform to boost the sales. They are rapidly growing in other verticals also with innovative services such as; COD(cash on delivery), free home delivery and trust pay. By analyzing their social media presence, we can understand that how well they are leveraging the presence on digital media channels.

New emerging technologies have opened up a door of opportunities and challenges in digital marketing. The main challenge in digital marketing is to get the flow with fast evolving marketing strategies and technology, while the opportunity is available through a number of channels, where marketers get a chance to implement their creative strategies. Now days digital marketers have been pretty creative in using different channels, like; emails, display, social and more because it’s the need of the hour to integrate these channels in your strategy and get the maximum profit in respect to ROI and branding.

The increasing penetration of the latest smart phones has opened up a new channel for marketers because it is a channel which is more personalized and always connected in more ways with a user’s pocket friendly prospect. On internet display and video media is also getting high mileage and doing wonders with creativity and latest technical applications to get higher conversion rates than ever. Digital marketing professionals have found a search engine as the most effective channel for getting the best ROI, but now Google is acting pretty erratic with panda, penguin and other updates and now it’s too risky to bet all your golden eggs on PPC and SEO. But digital marketers have no better option to work continuously with new innovative and creative strategies to survive in the field of competition.


In this modified era, all of us seen the first ever election in India, which mainly driven by “Social Media” but few of us noticed the same. Pick any digital media platform such as; Yahoo Homepage, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook campaigns, Twitter or simple banners on Youtube, we all noticed the ad of some political party. It is expected that around 500 Cr. has been spent on Digital Media platforms in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Now you can guess and imagine the power of Digital Marketing, it’s not all about winning or loosing the elections, even most of the NGO have used digital marketing as a platform to drive the awareness campaign for voting.

The increasing influence of social media is pushing the organizations to optimize their presence on social media, few of the major search engines are positively integrating the social data to improve on their algorithm and this is the other reason for social media presence.

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