1) How long does it take to complete a single project?
It usually takes three to four months to fully complete a project.

2) How long does it take until I start seeing SEO results?
It usually takes about six months to see consistent results on the web or search engines. There are certain industries for which you can see the results well before then. Most of our efforts and energy are spent in the building and initial processes of your campaign or project program. Once your campaign takes off of the ground, we put continuous efforts in maintenance to increase your rankings to divert more traffic on your site.

3) Why don’t you post prices for services?
Every business and service, prices will vary and depends on specification of projects. We determine prices based upon the time, resources and technology required for each individual project.

4) Can CyberActives handle all my digital marketing services?
Yes we can. We provide services for SEO, google ad words, PPc, social media optimization and much more.

5) Can you help to improve my search rankings and organic traffic?
We cannot make promises here, but we do work our hardest to ensure you are getting the best overall visibility in search engines and potential rankings. We can’t control search engines, but we will optimize the traffic and performance of your website.

6) Can you help me with social media?
Yes, we help you to discover opportunities to engage with your current and potential customers on social media networks. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+, we’ll help you use it the right way for your industry.

7) Is there any hidden cost for project or services?
Not in our building. Costs are always simple, predictable and transparent, whether you are investing in a long-term solution or doing short-term project work by the hour or day. If you have the budget to spare, we may recommend some additional opportunities to pursue at extra cost (i.e., select paid links, website redesign, news release purchases, and content package add-on).