Google’s 27th Panda Update Still Rolling Out

On September 25, 2014, Google launched Panda 4.1 and informed that it would be a slow rollout, but no one was expected the rollout to continue into this week. If you are observing a huge drop in Google traffic, fluctuation in page ranking, so it may be related to Panda 4.1. Google has official announced that the latest version of Google Panda update is designed to filter and penalize the poor or thin content from ranking. According to Google 3 percent to 5 percent of search queries will be affected for upcoming weeks as it’s a slow rollout.

For some its new opportunity and for other’s its penalty:

Panda is able to identify low-quality content with the help of user’s webmaster feedback and its helping the high quality small and midsized sites to rank higher in search engines. Rollout means, if your site was penalized by Panda because of last update than here you have a chances to emerge from that by making the right changes. If you have seen a sudden drop in site traffic than you can blame to latest Panda Update and now you need to make right changes to get more traffic.

Google Panda is one of the most controversial update from algorithm, but it helped a lot to remove low quality websites from Google search engines and improves the quality of search. But still Google Panda updates is headache for many professional bloggers as many good websites lost their search engine ranking due to penalty (even it can penalize on domain level).  It is highly recommended to avoid black hate SEO (in-case you are doing) and focus on quality content to increase your site ranking on Google and social media platform, it is expected that Google+1 is going to be a holy grail for professional bloggers in the future.

Google Panda recovery Tips:

If you are one from those who are seeing an increase in traffic than its right time for you to take a break and enjoy the cup of coffee. But if you are one from those who are seeing low traffic because of latest Panda update than you need to work on below mentioned points;

  1. Write Quality Content:

We all know that if you will write quality content than automatically traffic will follow you, but don’t forget to write with targeted keyword. Your post should not be just a random post and it should be optimized for certain keywords because without targeted keyword any post is useless. Google takes length and quality very seriously with word count.

  1. Remove Low Quality Content:

In past if you have written posts which are very short, low quality, or may be not well written, so you should know this time Google is taking low quality content very seriously. Try to remove or modify low quality content to convert them in to high quality article. There are no specific guidelines for low quality content but here are few tips;

  1. Content should be well researched
  2. Content should be useful for readers.
  • Content should come from authentic sources.
  1. Duplicate Content:

Goggle takes duplicate content very seriously even its on two different sites under same flagship companies. Duplicate content will affect your search engine raking for sure, so you need to work on every post and SEO to make sure that you are not posting the duplicate content. Google take plagiarism very seriously, but algorithms are not well mature to react on copied content, so you need to work manually on plagiarism issue.

  1. Learn SEO:

 If you are not a professional blogger or planning to go into blogging field, than you need to work on SEO fundamentals. In blogging field without SEO your professional future will remain unpredictable because only one algorithm change can take everything away from you. On below mentioned points you can work;

  1. Keyword Optimization
  2. Keyword Research
  • Know the back linking
  1. Robots.txt
  2. Social Media Promotion
  3. On site SEO
  • Off site SEO
  1. Social Media Promotion:

Social media platform can wonder in your blogging career, if you have quality content on your site than share it on social media platform to drive more traffic on your site. Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the most famous social media channel and first you should work on these. You can also create social media promotion by creating own group.

  1. Back links and External links:

If you have high PR and selling the back links or doing paid reviews so you need to stop it. Linking to bad sites will significantly make impact in your search engine ranking. In case if you need to create the back link with bad site than use no-follow attributes.

  1. Use SEO friendly WordPress Theme:

There are some WordPress themes, which are SEO friendly and able to generate more traffic, premium WordPress themes are the best option for that. If you are using a free WordPress theme so first check with online feedback.

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