Prospects of Digital Marketing in 2016

Nothing in Digital Marketing is Simple. There’s almost nothing that changes as fast as the digital industry. New ideas, new technologies, new companies, they all make changes happen drastically. Users want something today, and something completely different the day after. While there is no one sure shot way of being sure about what the future holds in store, one can always look back, connect the dots, witness what is currently happening and plan for the future. Presenting what we think are some ways in which you can plan well for 2016, some thoughts and perspectives which can help you shape your digital marketing strategies better for the year that lies ahead.

Digital Marketing in 2016

Following are the strategies which we have listed below:
1. Content: is king, they say, and they are right. But just to clarify, content doesn’t just mean what we write, it is about the very thought that goes into creating something valuable. Write well, produce well, but most importantly, think well on the drawing board to make sure somebody finds your ‘content’ worthy of ‘consumption’. Buzzfeed was able to take the simple premise of a personality quiz and turn it into a viral phenomenon by playing on people’s egos. Whenever someone would take a quiz, it would encourage them to share their results afterwards.

2. Video Marketing: Video will become a much bigger content platform: In 2015, as YouTube continued to dominate the web, video proved that it was a key player as a content platform. This goes to show that as the internet continues to advance, so will the ways that we consume content. While long form content, such as blogging, will always have its place as a content marketing medium, video is able to engage users at a much higher rate.

3. Digital Marketing is not a Free Platform: One big problem with many people’s perception towards digital is that they hope and expect it to be affordable if not outright free. Yes, there are stories of people having made it big online simply with brilliant content, but those examples are few and far between. If you really want your brand to do well, you need to get serious about spending some serious money in 2016.

4. More websites will go responsive: As the owner of a digital marketing company, the number one hesitation one gets to hear from companies looking to redesign their websites is that they don’t want to be obsolete in a year. That’s why, in 2016, new websites will continue to be built responsively. A responsive website is one that adjusts to fit the width of the browser, making the viewing experience optimal for any device it is loaded on.

5. Mobile Platform of the World Wide Web: It’s the year of mobile! Wait, wasn’t 2015 the year of mobile? And 2014, 2013, and 2012 for that matter? Yup, we’re all sick of hearing that phrase uttered – we get it already. But, to be fair, 2015 really did prove that mobile is exploding, from Google’s announcement that mobile has surpassed desktop to “Mobilegeddon,” the algorithm change that forced SEOs to optimize their sites for mobile at lightning-fast pace.

These top trends are just scratching the surface of what’s to come in 2016, but one thing is for certain — the digital space will continue to grow, innovate, and amaze our marketing minds.

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