What is Google RankBrain and Its Importance in SEO

  • December 16, 2015
  • SEO

Google has done it again. It has yet again made one of those painfully ambiguous announcements, which might or might not be a game-changer for Search Engines users across the world.  The pre-destined future of the Terminator movies is finally here: Artificial Intelligence. Or at least a tamer version of the so-called all knowing Artificial Intelligence. ‘Rank Brain Algorithm’ is the latest update in SEO which has brought forward its own version of an Indexing Super-Algorithm. Presumably this update has been running for a number of months in the Google Search Engine and has most notably provided a wide array of search results by indexing various popular entities across the World Wide Web. Now with the New Year almost upon us, let us try to decode what is google rank brain all about and demystify what is being hailed as the next Big Thing for Google Search Engine

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Overview of Rankbrain Algorithm

Rankbrain is not another one of Google Updates which have rolled out over the past few years. It is an overarching Update on the entire Google Search Engine meant to improve the usability of the millions of Everyday users on the Google Platform. Up until the first half of the 2015, Google encountered millions of search queries on a daily basis which went unresolved. It will help resolve a large fraction of these searches by integrating various mathematical processes and an advanced semantic query resolving mechanism. Over time it will be able to update itself on the human condition and the psyche behind their searches.

Google Rankbrain Algorithm will be dealing and resolving the following types of search queries:

  1. Ambiguous Searches
  2. Colloquial Searches/Terms
  3. Voice Searches and Conversational Speech Patterns.

According to the Google Scientist Greg Corrado, this algorithm is the third most important factor for ranking in Google Search Results. With the help of its newly developed Artificial Intelligence, Google will now be able to provide search results, enhancing its ability to filter and parse search results.

Google does offer an example:
“What’s the title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain?”

So rather than being pre-programmed to resolve certain queries on a pre-determined basis, Rankbrain will deliver updates to its search engine on a Real-Time basis. Think of it like a helpful Robot which will assist the maker in accomplishing its maker’s Objectives (Nod to Wall-E).

What Google Rankbrain Isn’t

To better clarify exactly what is google rankbrain is, it’s helpful to spell out exactly what it isn’t:

  1. Not another Google Knowledge Graph: The Google Knowledge Graph is an artificial intelligence program too, however, it is not another Knowledge Graph, nor is it affiliated with the older versions.
  2. Not an Algorithm Update: Don’t think of RankBrain the way you would think of Panda, Penguin,or Hummingbird

This isn’t a new algorithm, nor is it any kind of standalone update to assist that  algorithm. Instead, it’s a new modification, working in conjunction with Hummingbird (the semantic search algorithm) to produce more meaningful results.

Importance of Rankbrain in SEO

After knowing about what is google rankbrain industry experts have touted it as the most important known ranking signal by industry experts. It is the commencement of a new era in search engine ranking. For the most part, it sounds as an advanced form of semantic searches which will help to put better usage of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm. The main point is that there are hundreds of ranking signals provided in the Google Search Engine, but for one signal all of the above is a very marker of the importance of RankBrain Algorithm.

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